Friday, March 18, 2011

An amazing guest and some wonderful changes!

A big thank you to our amazing guest last night, Andy Colvin. We hope to have him back soon to talk more about his books and the many extraordinary subjects that are his life's work. His knowledge and connections to the mysteriousness that is the Mothman and the prophecies that surround him are nothing short of incredible. We have so many more questions for him as Im sure you do as well, and we promise to have him back with us on the show in the not too distant future.
Thank you to Kim and Sharon for their awesome reports and weird news! You girls rock!We have already had several people say they are impressed with the topics and reports you are bringing to the table. You do excellent work!
Thank you to our show's shining star, my good friend and colleague, Nick Redfern. Your eloquence, knowledge, and insight are admired by many. I continue to learn and grow in this field with you and because of you.
And most of all thank you to our listeners, both old and new. We appreciate you!
We are continuing to add to and change things, and the new website is just about to be revealed, so stay tuned!  Over the coming weeks you may still see some changes happening on our pages and sites that will make them even more user friendly and easily accessible. 
All of these wonderful changes are done with you, the reader and listener, in mind.
We will continue to bring you the most interesting and sought after people in their respective fields and genres of the unknown, bizarre, Fortean, and scientific. 
On the show last night, one of the subjects that was approached and talked about by Andy was whether or not there may be connections between disasters such as the one currently taking place in Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and sightings and encounters with extraordinary creatures such as Mothman and Bigfoot. Delving into this particular speculative notion actually raises even more questions as the connections seem to be nearly endless, but just elusive enough to slip through our fingers and remain unproven.  
As we draw ever near to 2012 and the changes that are believed to be accompanying it, do you think we are any closer to answering these age old mysteries?  
Then again, perhaps some mysteries are best left............................unsolved. 
Til next time, keep your EAR to the weird!
-Raven M.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This week's guest -- Andy Colvin (The Mothman's Photographer II )

Andy Colvin is a West Coast photographer, filmmaker, and writer who is considered by some to be his generation's Charles Fort, due to his obsessive documentation of coincidences, correspondences, and odd events. Following in the footsteps of John A. Keel, Colvin has blazed a 21st Century trail of investigation into mysteries that have plagued mankind for centuries, such as UFOs, creature entities, synchronicities, and the workings of the human mind.

In the 1960s, on a West Virginia backroad, Colvin and his family and friends had encounters with the entity popularly known as "Mothman." Following those encounters, Colvin found that he could draw, sing, and take pictures, and that he had a photographic memory. Colvin was recognized as a prodigy, and was eventually offered a scholarship to Harvard University.

While attending graduate school at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, Colvin helped found U.T.'s celebrated Transmedia Dept. as well as the Austin Film Society, an organization now credited with bringing commercial filmmaking to Texas. In 1985, Colvin used his tuition grant money to purchase the only 8mm camcorder then available, becoming the first filmmaker in Austin to shoot in the new format. His ensuing documentation of the lives of Austin "slackers" influenced the seminal cult hit that defined Generation X, "Slacker" - a project for which Colvin helped raise funds and equipment.

Following graduate school, Colvin worked on Hollywood films, toured with his experimental band, The Interdimensional Vortex League (once named America's "most underground band" by Europe's hip arts magazine, "Blitz"), and began making small, ethnographic documentaries about unusual tribes, subcultures, and personalities. His 25-year study of modern Texans, "Multislack," is due out in 2012.

Colvin's work has been seen or heard in all 50 states, and in several foreign countries. His writing has been featured in various magazines, including Paranoia, Inside the Grassy Knoll, The Stranger, and D'Art, the arts journal for the Church of the Subgenius. Colvin's unique career has been studded with various mind-blowing, synchronistic events, some of which allowed him to study with, or work with, some of the greatest creative minds of the 20th Century, including Nam June Paik, Lee Friedlander, Keith Haring, Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Robert Anton Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Daniel Johnston, Vito Acconci, Bruce Bickford, and the Butthole Surfers.
Andy will join us Thursday, march 17th to talk about the Mothman and a whole lot more! Don't miss it!
And remember that you can always check out our Calendar of Guests to see who we have coming up in future shows!
Have a howling good day!
-Raven M.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The new and improved Exploring All Realms!

This is it, folks!
We are making major changes and moving ahead in ways we never could have dreamed of almost a year ago when Nick and I  first began this endeavor together.
Now we have added two new team members, and we will continue to bring you the best in guests, news, updates, events, and the latest happenings in all realms!
Stay with us as we make these additions and changes.
The new website will be up and functioning very soon. 
Thanks to fellow researcher and friend Philip Spencer these changes are possible.
He has been gracious and generous with his time in helping us get our site looking good!
Nick, Kim, Sharon, and I are especially grateful to you, our loyal listeners. 
Without you, none of this could ever have been possible.Thank you!
Look for us to be climbing higher and reaching ever more toward to the stars in coming months!
-Raven M. ~~ Producer / Co-host of Exploring All Realms with Redfern & Raven