Monday, March 14, 2011

The new and improved Exploring All Realms!

This is it, folks!
We are making major changes and moving ahead in ways we never could have dreamed of almost a year ago when Nick and I  first began this endeavor together.
Now we have added two new team members, and we will continue to bring you the best in guests, news, updates, events, and the latest happenings in all realms!
Stay with us as we make these additions and changes.
The new website will be up and functioning very soon. 
Thanks to fellow researcher and friend Philip Spencer these changes are possible.
He has been gracious and generous with his time in helping us get our site looking good!
Nick, Kim, Sharon, and I are especially grateful to you, our loyal listeners. 
Without you, none of this could ever have been possible.Thank you!
Look for us to be climbing higher and reaching ever more toward to the stars in coming months!
-Raven M. ~~ Producer / Co-host of Exploring All Realms with Redfern & Raven

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