Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you Linda and everyone for a great show!

It was a great show tonight!

We started off with our kickass news and bigfoot reports from Kim and Sharon, who also had a pretty spooky audio clip. If you would like to hear the "screams", please contact Sharon by clicking on the button(her name) to the right of this post and she will be happy to let you hear it.

Linda is one of our regular and very favorite guests, and also happens to be a  friend of all of us here at Exploring All Realms. She always has interesting updates, cool expeditions and reports to tell us about, and there is never a lull in the conversation. She's a fantastic researcher and author and we look forward to her upcoming book this summer as well.

Be sure to head over to her site at : beastofbrayroad.com  You can also find her on Facebook and Myspace. She often puts reports up there that she hasnt disclosed anywhere else! Be the first to read her newest reports!

Thank you to everyone who jumped in the chat room tonight!! We had a good sized crowd in there with lots of great questions and discussions. We appreciate you all stopping by and joining in!

Have a howling good evening, EAR fans! See you next week!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Exploring All Realms wants YOU!

If you have an encounter, experience, or sighting to share - or are an author of a book coming out in any one of the genres of the mysterious and unknown, please feel free to contact Raven at ravenmeindel@yahoo.com to make arrangements to be on the show with us to share your story. 
We cover a wide variety of topics and we have a wide and varied listening audience. Each week is jam-packed with news, reports, sightings, and updates and we never fail to have extraordinary guests, whether they be authors, experiencers, or researchers like ourselves. Bring us your story! The world is waiting to hear from you!

Have a howling good day, EAR fans!